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  • One Button Operation: Simply press the button once to start the nebulizer.
  • Automatic Switch Off: Once the medicine cup is empty the nebulizer will stop automatically.
  • No Residue: The medicine cup is made at an incline so that there won't be any residue left.
  • Made From Safe Materials: The nebulizer and its attachments are made from medical grade PVC.




Q: Where can I get medication for The Nebulizer One?
A: You can either use your own medication if you have a lung condition or you can get a saltwater solution from your local pharmacy if you are using the nebulizer to cure a common cold.

Q: Can I use it with my specific medication?
A: The Nebulizer One can be used with all liquid forms of medicine. Like: albuterol, bronchodilators and corticosteroids.

Q: Does the nebulizer only work with medicine?
A: The product can be used with water, a saltwater solution or medicine. It is suitable for both people with a lung condition and people with a common cold or allergies.

Q: Will my health insurance cover for a nebulizer?
A: Nebulizers are usually covered under the durable medical equipment portion of health insurance policies. To make sure it would be best to contact your insurance directly.

Q: Are you guys shipping from the US?
A: Yes, we use 5 different warehouses in the United states and ship all our orders from one of those warehouses it depends on your location which one we use. We do this to ensure fast shipping. Usually shipping takes between 2-7 days inside the US.

Q: Do you guys ship orders worldwide?
A: At this moment we don't ship outside of the US since it is simply too expensive.We are working hard to make this possible in the future.

Q: What if I don't like the nebulizer or if it breaks?
A: If you are not happy with your purchase for whatever reason we will simply refund your order or ship out a new one depending on the situation. We only want happy customers! Simply reach out to us here: info@nebulizerone.com.




  • Certified by:  CE / ROHS / FCC / ISO13485 / ATEX 
  • Rated: IP22 waterproof Voltage: DC12V 
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 2.2MHz   
  • Particle size: 0.5-5 Microns   
  • Cup capacity: 3.4oz / 10ml 
  • Dimensions: 1,77 x 4,14 x 1,77in / 4,5 x 10,5 x 4,5cm 
  • Material: Medical grade PVC

* Can be used with the provided usb cable or batteries. Please note that batteries are not included and that there is no rechargeable battery inside.